We help companies to drive growth, by delivering JERI®
Since 1999, Knowliah has been delivering JERI® (Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information, when and where needed) to the knowledge worker, thereby unlocking the value of information and expertise, a company’s greatest asset.
Companies rely on Knowliah to make better and well-founded business decisions faster – on the basis of scattered unstructured information and expertise – for increased service levels and a competitive advantage, without sacrificing on security, compliance and quality.
“In a world of growing information and communication volumes and complexity, there are 3 vital and complementary components to enable organisations to excel in their core business: provide secure access and JERI to the knowledge worker (Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information, when and where needed), govern and comply with regard to your most important assets such as expertise and information, at zero effort for your co-workers.
Powered by advanced and automated contextual information intelligence technology, and supported by pragmatic governance best practices,
Knowliah continues to help its customers in substantially reducing their time and resources spent on finding their way through the chaos of unstructured information.”

Hans Van Heghe, Managing Director
Think Context
Current systems fail to deliver fast, relevant and consistent answers and search results, cross-organisational insights and easy and smart document life-cycle management, thereby leaving users in the cold. With its unique, proven and recognized technology of automatic contextual classification and profiling, Knowliah reinvents the way businesses use content and expertise, by interacting with other enterprise systems, without complex integrations.
Knowliah provides solutions across the entire range of core capabilities in enterprise search and document management – sophisticated, secure, high-value and cost-effective – on-site or in the cloud.
To stay innovative, flexible and agile for our customers, Knowliah continues to invest heavily in R&D, in close collaboration with several renowned universities.
Gartner recognizes Knowliah as

one of 24 worldwide “Vendors to Watch” in the category Enterprise Search & Analytics
Report “Market Trends: Smart Computing and Analytics Rejuvenate the Enterprise Search Market, 2014-2017“
by Tom Eid
one of the 5 representative examples of improved user productivity with Knowledge Management
Report “Technology overview for Text Analytics”
by Daniel Yuen, Alexander Linden, Hanns Koehler-Kruener
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