Stop wasting your time and resources on creating taxonomies or classifications, which has an impact on your service levels and causes you to lose your competitive advantage!
Current solutions do not provide an answer to the increasing demand of our knowledge-driven economy. The use of traditional systems leads to expensive situations in which the wheel is constantly being re-invented, because everybody inconsistently classifies information with a different logic, in different places, and nobody finds what they need.
A Knowliah Context Information Model (CIM) structures your specific context as an organisation, similar to the way our brain handles information, pictures and knowledge.
Contextualization places information in the context of your organisation. This means that the same document, e-mail or any other information type will be categorized with context differently in different organisations. Each organisation is unique, which is best expressed in a contextual model.
Meta-description of the joint understanding of your business, knowledge and way of working
Represented by a set of standardized groups of keywords (=context attributes)
Can be flexibly adjusted to a changing world and business
Through the unique Auto-Classification engine, offering automated contextual Information Intelligence based on your custom CIM, Knowliah creates smart content, across and beyond your organisation:

for all information residing in a Knowliah Repository, all your other applications and network drives containing crucial information, as well as intranets and websites!
No duplicates
As the system calculates a unique key for each information item on the basis of its content, this also provides a means to easily check for potential duplicate information.
Less work required to enrich content
End-users are assisted in the attribution of meta-data (context attributes) to information. Hence, this task is no longer experienced as a burden and users feel free again.
Consistent quality
A rule engine such as the Knowliah Auto-Classification engine guarantees a quality classification of all your content. Unlike human beings, a rule engine identifies context consistently.
Most advanced
As the Knowliah Auto-Classification engine is driven by a JERI® (i.e. Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information, when and where needed) information model that represents YOUR organisational context, it is best suited to match your environment with your information and communication.
More features with less effort
Thanks to enriched content, your organisation will get more value from your content. Features such as JERI® notifications, patented Virtual Dynamic Folders, smart assistance for searches, context-driven workflows, etc. become possible without any additional effort.
Integrated suggestions
With the optional Knowliah Auto-Classification Monitoring module, the system identifies potential additional categories and values.
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