Knowliah connects, consolidates and contextualizes content and knowledge
everywhere inside and outside of your organisation, consistently and securely,
within one single modular platform, on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid

Consolidate & Access

Increase productivity by knowing what you should know

The Knowliah JERI home page (Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information) enables users to:
  • have a consolidated overview of the information and people related to the cases they are working on
  • access all related and relevant information inside and outside of the organisation
  • manage tasks, to do’s, notifications, templates and links to other enterprise applications.

Secure & Organize

Reduce time spent storing and filing

Storing or uploading documents and e-mail, and managing data forms and wiki templates, become very easy:
  • scan/save to file, drag-&-drop a document, e-mail or any other information type
  • Knowliah automatically organizes the information
  • manage data related to business process in structured data forms
  • Capture crucial knowledge in wiki templates.
Thanks to Knowliah's patented virtual folders, you can create dynamic views, across all corporate information, to present the relevant and unique information objects in a folder structure of your choice.

Search & Find

Increase re-use of information and avoid re-invention

Thanks to the advanced, easy-to-use and secure search engine with context filters (to reduce the result set on the basis of meta-data) and text mining (real-time), all information is immediately retrievable and accessible, with respect for the user's access rights. All information, of all file formats containing text (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, e-mail attachments, …) in the Knowliah repository and other enterprise systems, as well as sources outside of your organisation, are automatically indexed and consistently classified (with contextual meta-data) according to your specific context information model.

Process & Control

Reduce risks and become compliant

Users can easily create, manage and control their tasks and responsibilities as they have continuous access to all specific and only relevant related information (documents, data, e-mail, …) and experts.
Advanced context-driven workflows, approval processes and document management features such as version management are standard, and respect your specific policies and requirements.

Analyze & Discover

Gain insights for better decision support

The combination of auto-classification on the basis of context and the patented Virtual Dynamic Folders provide the ultimate cross-organisational views you are looking for in order to gain insights into your valuable information and knowledge assets.
Instead of reading and studying hundreds or thousands of documents, e-mail and data forms, Knowliah provides cutting-edge clustering to collect and visualize your information and knowledge for expedited analysis.
Knowliah answers your toughest e-discovery challenges in different areas, such as litigation cycles, product management, decision support, big data analysis, etc.

Author & Publish

Increase quality and reduce costs

Integrated in your word processor, Kwowliah assists the author and editor of documents in creating and conditionally publishing documents:
  • automatically inserting previously created and/or translated content blocks
  • making text blocks and graphics conditional via integrated fields.
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Scanning & OCR

Save costs thanks to the fully automated capturing of data, including validation

Knowliah automates the entire process of digitisation and validation of captured data from scanned paper documents (including approval and automated booking of invoices). This cloud service includes human validation of the information captured by the software in an off-shore facility.
Next to capturing crucial data, Knowliah also auto-classifies every document, while providing direct access to all other related information. It offers a real 360° One Single View. That way, administrative staff saves time, the quality of work increases and service levels with regard to managing, approving and processing documents increase.

Find & Learn from Experts

In addition to information, capture and locate expertise

In organisations of 40 or more people, it is not realistic to know what people know. In areas such as innovation, engineering, resource sourcing, customer service, etc. it is very important to know people's expertise. Human-maintained competence databases are the traditional approach but this requires too much effort and results in an immediately outdated registration.
Knowliah’s Expert Locator automatically calculates people's expertise based on that person’s contribution in texts and conversations. Thanks to the Knowliah web API, it becomes possible to integrate FIND for the best people in your existing applications.

Collaboration & Knowledge Base

Capture crucial information in intelligent wiki objects

Due to staff turn-over and aging, capturing crucial knowledge becomes a major area of management attention.
Knowliah’s Collaboration & Knowledge Base facilitates the securing of knowledge in different types of wiki objects, while supporting the user in easily and consistently recording what contributes to the organisational know-how. Thanks to the Knowliah web API, it is easy to add collaboration, storage, classification and knowledge retrieval capabilities to your existing applications.

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Data & Data Forms

Integrate data and information with data forms

In many applications, users want a combined integrated view of unstructured information and communication and structured data (Mid-Office, CRM, project sheets, ticketing, …).
Knowliah is one of the few systems designed for such integrated operations. On the basis of its object-oriented associative data forms, it is easy to set up specific multi-forms that seamlessly integrate the structured and the unstructured. No programming is required, simply configure your different forms, grids, associations, … into a specific custom application.

Security & Permissions

Protect information on the basis of intelligent meta-data

It is not the location of the information that determines the security that applies for a specific user. In Knowliah, the matching of context – mainly provided by content analysis (i.e. auto-classification) – with the user’s security profile – combining multiple context security rules of groups – defines the access or other rights that apply. As a result, a wrong location does not result in incorrect security. And last but not least, the set-up and administration of your security becomes much easier.
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Custom Demo

You want to see Knowliah in action?
We will show you a customized demo, at your convenience, of the Knowliah platform with its exciting features such as auto-classification.


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