Let us assist you with setting up the different modules of the Knowliah platform or its engines, for your specific Document Management, Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management needs
With their extensive experience, the Knowliah Advisors, together with the international network of certified partners, help customers to grow as they need, with a focus on what is useful to their specific business challenges.
Our consulting and implementation services typically include:
  • Configuring the Context Information Model (CIM) based on pre-defined models and Knowliah best practices
  • Migrating and importing existing content from your legacy systems or network drives to a Knowliah Repository or any other application, with auto-classification
  • Connecting to external databases such as a CRM, BPM, ERP or accounting systems
  • Connecting to mail servers for automatic e-mail capture and archiving
  • Connecting to scanners for OCR, automated capture and validation of scanned paper documents
  • Defining and implementing custom and advanced workflows
  • Configuring the Knowliah Knowledge Management wiki templates for capturing crucial knowledge
  • Setting up Knowliah Expert Locator, for automatic expert profiling
  • Configuring business-specific data sheets, such as CRM, project sheets, time registration
  • Indexing and auto-classifying documents residing in other applications than the Knowliah Repository, such as file servers, MS SharePoint, websites, …
  • Implementation of the Knowliah engines, such as the auto-classification engine, in your existing applications through the Knowliah Web API.
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Custom Demo

You want to see Knowliah in action?
We will show you a customized demo, at your convenience, of the Knowliah platform with its exciting features such as auto-classification.


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