Maintenance & technical support
The service contract is concluded with Knowliah as the supplier of the Knowliah products. It is our mission to provide support in order to solve problems and keep you productive in your use of Knowliah products. Our customer support group is dedicated to maximizing customer success through the timely resolution of technical problems, no matter when or where they occur.
By default, the service contract encompasses:
  • information
  • updates with resolved technical problems
  • upgrades with new features
  • corrective maintenance
  • technical support (service desk) including 2nd line support with 8x5 coverage, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays, CET.
Functional support
Additional services, such as functional support, configuration, training etc. can be provided by either Knowliah or one of its partners, and are either triggered directly by the customer or by Knowliah's customer support group. All requests (for change) are subsequently prioritized, planned and implemented in consultation with the customer.
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Custom Demo

You want to see Knowliah in action?
We will show you a customized demo, at your convenience, of the Knowliah platform with its exciting features such as auto-classification.


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