Do you spend precious time and money on creating, translating and publishing often already existing texts?
Vital documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, technical documentation, catalogues and other content are crucial for success. Yet, many organisations spend huge amounts of time and money on creating, translating, managing and publishing them. In most cases, existing texts are not re-used and thus re-invented, because there is no consistent overview of which texts (text blocks) are validated and translated and where to find them.
Gain in productivity and reduce costs by avoiding re-invention and translation of already created text (blocks)
Improve your customer service by increasing your speed-to-deliver, for a competitive advantage
Increase the quality of your texts and control risks with consistent content
Knowliah’s technology automatically adds intelligence (contextual meta-data) to textual information (blocks), resulting in a unique user experience for the creation, management and output of texts
Knowliah Authoring is an application and tool integrated in MS Word to maximize the re-use of texts and graphs, thereby improving productivity significantly.
Compared to other solutions, Knowliah offers more supporting features and automated intelligence, which results in higher savings.
All your information is presented in personalized virtual folder structures, depending on how you want to view the information.
The state-of-the-art technology and architecture allow for a true integration in your environment: from modular re-use and facilitated authoring as input, towards multi-channel and multi-lingual conditional publishing as output.

Instantly find while creating texts and insert content created previously, integrated in your favourite word processor
Manage versions (formal, alternative, unapproved versions) and integrate newer versions in your documents in a controlled way
Apply different publishing templates, or different conditional publishing data, to generate multiple professional outputs from one and the same source
Collect available and useful consistent content faster, and know where blocks of texts are used in documents
Re-use validated blocks of text and make them conditional via integrated fields
Have immediate overviews of available translations and update automatically
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