Knowliah supports management in its crucial tasks that are driven by communication and information. Management by Exception and Management by Matching are the instruments that you need today and tomorrow to cope with the ever increasing volumes of data and information.

Finally get the support to apply Management by Exception, thereby limiting the required effort to monitor it all.

Knowliah provides the intelligence and tools to deliver high-quality customer service based on fast responses to exceptions.

Personal alerts and notifications help you to conquer the ever expanding volume of e-mail, reports, interruptions, etc.

Knowliah helps in domains such as risk management, contract management, sales management, project management, etc.

Maximize the business value of your work product through improved collaboration, organisation, control and retrieval of your key information assets.

Manage and govern contracts securely throughout their life-cycle and reduce risks by being compliant and prepared for audits.

Improve productivity in your business processes by saving valuable time otherwise spent searching for information, and get notified in time.

Facilitate secure collaboration, internally and externally, with full access from different locations and devices, at any time.

Maximize re-use of validated blocks of text when creating documents in MS Word, and manage versions (formal, alternative, unapproved versions).

Continuing to produce, avoiding down-times, delivering cost-effective quality, complying with safety procedures, etc. These are all daily challenges for production departments.

Re-use of information and knowledge, avoiding earlier mistakes and controlled processes made available more quickly, thanks to fast and easy access to the archive.

With smarter people, less down-time, products of a higher quality etc., you will achieve higher scores on your production KPIs.

People are better informed, maintenance is managed better, people learn from experience and best practices as these are captured and made re-usable for your teams.

Knowliah helps to unlock the expertise in the hands and heads of valuable bleu-collar workers.

Imagine having an instant answer and solution for all your HR challenges, enabling you to make the difference as a high-performing department.

Grant new employees access to all relevant and reliable information, as well as to the experts able to assist them in their integration process, resulting in clear satisfaction.

Being able to identify the knowledge and expertise amongst your employees, enables you to put in place a much more efficient compensation and benefits strategy.

Employee contracts are securely stored and managed, and thanks to Knowledge Watchers, you are always aware and notified of every deadline on any type of contract or document.

Losing crucial knowledge due to employee turnover or aging is no longer an issue, as all knowledge and expertise is captured, enriched and re-used.

Faster high-quality service to customers without having to re-invent the wheel, from the best placed expert, is a crucial feature of your organisation.

Constantly be on top of your customers and prospects, never losing touch of what is going on, and anticipate more quickly and be ahead of your competitors.

Better understand the business and challenges of your customer or prospect, thereby enabling you to give clear answers and anticipate their needs.

Being on top of your customers, with a better understanding of their business challenges and needs, will make you upsell more easily and faster.

Being informed and knowledgeable, you will be much more efficient in your service processes, resulting in a productivity gain.

Knowliah Invoice Management automates the entire process of digitization, data capturing, validation, approval and booking of invoices and related documents, while providing direct access to all related information, in the cloud as well as on-premise.

Reduce your time spent validating captured data from invoices. You can rely on the cloud service with human validation of the information captured by the software in an off-shore facility, to make sure that all relevant information is captured.

Benefit from the integration with the document management power of Knowliah, by adding all other related information like documents and e-mail, with auto-classification. You can now grow as you need in managing your information, communication and knowledge.

Increase your quality of work and improve your service levels with regard to managing, approving and processing electronic invoices but also in view of handling litigations and disputes. In the end, management of working capital is improved considerably.

Support your decision making by having a real 360° One Single View of all related information and documents (orders, delivery notes, complaints, etc.). That way, administrative staff can save time.

Be able to focus on customer and prospect needs, offer the highest customer service and satisfaction possible.

Have one single view of your customer or prospect, showing you all related and only relevant information from all the different sources in your organisation and this with just one single click.

Always work with the latest template version of a proposal or contract, and save time when writing them thanks to maximum re-use and sharing of texts, information and knowledge, regardless of their storage location.

Immediately be aware of and find the proposal you or one of your colleagues created in the past and similar to the one you are editing right now.

Instantly know who in the organisation has the most experience or expertise with that particular segment, business, customer, etc. you are working on.

Analyse and discover ideas, insights and value in unstructured and complex texts in order to learn, innovate and deliver cutting-edge products and services.

Constantly be on top of real expertise, never losing touch of what is going on, and anticipate more quickly and as such be ahead of your competitors.

Be on top of technology evolutions, with a better understanding of your customer’s business challenges and needs, and be able to innovate and deliver more easily and faster.

Improve your relationship with your customers and prospects thanks to a better expert image in the market.

Re-use information and knowledge, avoid previous mistakes and make controlled processes available more quickly.

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