Your corporate information and expertise is scattered around your organisation, and you can’t access it?
Knowledge and expertise are core assets for any organisation, but without re-use they have no value or return. When you want easy and secure access to corporate information sitting on your file servers, intranet and other enterprise applications, or you want to reach experts within your organisation, Knowliah is your trusted partner. Your days spent searching without finding are finally over!
Make users more efficient at accessing all knowledge and finding relevant answers
Reach experts and their automatically captured knowledge for a competitive advantage
Discover, analyze and re-use information faster, based on a user’s specific context
Knowliah’s technology automatically indexes and contextually organizes all information types, from all relevant applications and sources, and profiles experts.
Knowliah automatically organizes and brings structure to your chaos, thereby enabling you to share and re-use information and expertise, and become more productive.
A pre-defined Context Information Model, combined with a cutting-edge indexing and auto-classification engine (to automatically add contextual meta-data) securely and consistently enriches your information with powerful meta-filters, and presents your information based on what it is, regardless of storage location, in personalized virtual folder structures. Next to information, expertise also becomes accessible with the Knowliah Expert Locator. You now have instant access to all the information in your enterprise systems, file and mail servers, websites, and people’s heads, from one single platform.
Integrated into your existing applications, the cross-organisational one single view with only relevant information, related to the specific context of the transaction you are in, presented in a personalized way, is now only a click away.

Instantly find information regardless of its storage location
Discover relations with text mining and clustering
Respect access rights thanks to contextual security
Virtually browse through cross-organisational information
Find experts who can help via automatic expert profiling
Integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems
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We will show you a customized demo, at your convenience, of the Knowliah platform with its exciting features such as auto-classification.


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