Do you spend precious time and money re-creating answers and advice already available in existing e-mail?
All e-mail – including attachments – in the Microsoft Outlook folders of your choice is 100% automatically archived, full-text indexed, classified and centralized in a Knowliah Repository, with respect for confidentiality, security and your specific context.

  • Search & find every e-mail that you need
  • Make sure that nothing gets lost
  • Ensure compliance with laws such as SOX, GDPR, privacy, …
  • Make relevant information accessible to stakeholders (project, department, …)
  • Get a complete organisational 360° view on a customer, case, issue, …
Gain in productivity and reduce costs by avoiding the re-invention of texts that have already been created previously
Improve your customer service by providing a complete organisational 360° view on a customer, case, issue, …
Be compliant, avoid liability and prepare for audits, by making all e-mail available in one location
Thanks to Knowliah’s Auto-Classifier technology, all e-mail and attached files are automatically enriched with context (e.g. project, case, customer, privacy, etc.)
  • The solution is designed to operate in a European and National context of laws and regulations with regard to e-mail archiving, user profiling, privacy, GDPR, etc.
  • Extra configuration capabilities with regard to e-mail handling provide the means to address demands of unions and of individual employees.
  • In addition to technology, Knowliah also provides you with best practices to achieve the change with your employees in a practical and legal context.

Instantly find when searching for information with meta-filters and browsing in virtual folders
Optimize e-mail server performance by automatically archiving e-mail
Manage access rights with contextual security and log & audit trail
Re-use texts in the body of e-mail or attached documents
Rapidly deploy and implement in a single, secure archive – in the cloud or on-premise
Seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise systems
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