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We help knowledge workers find what they are looking for, so knowledge can be fully deployed. 

Since 1999, Knowliah has been delivering JERI® (Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information, when and where needed) to the knowledge worker.

Knowliah unlocks the true value of information and expertise, a company’s greatest assets. Knowledge that is undiscoverable or important expertise that is not shared and passed on, is of no real use to a company.

Companies rely on Knowliah to make better and well-founded business decisions faster. Decisions based on the relevant needle in the haystack of scattered and unstructured information that our intelligent search engine finds effortlessly. It gives these companies the opportunity to increase their service levels, to gain a competitive advantage, without burdening the worker or without sacrificing on security and compliance. 

“In a world of growing information and communication volumes and complexity, there are 3 vital and complementary components to enable organisations to excel in their core business: provide secure access and JERI to the knowledge worker (Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information, when and where needed), govern and comply with regard to your most important assets such as expertise and information, at zero effort for your co-workers.
Powered by advanced and automated contextual information intelligence technology, and supported by pragmatic governance best practices, Knowliah continues to help its customers in substantially reducing their time and resources spent on finding their way through the chaos of unstructured information.”

Hans Van Heghe, Managing Director

It's all about Context

Current systems fail to deliver relevant answers and search results quickly. Cross-organisational insights and easy and smart document life-cycle management seem impossible. Users are left standing in the dark, frustrated by having to recreate content that already existed. Reinventing the wheel is their motto, but not by choice.

Knowliah reinvents the way businesses use content and expertise in a unique way. Our recognized technology of automatic contextual classification and profiling makes it possible to find what you need, while excluding all the noise around it. Even across enterprise systems, on multiple locations and all of this without complex integrations. We understand this sounds hard to believe, that’s why we would love for you to schedule a demo session with us. We can prove it.

Furthermore, the in-house developed and ready-to-install Knowliah software - using standard Microsoft components - is based on an open and object-oriented architecture. We deviate from a hierarchical filing structure and focus on the context of every piece of data and information.

Knowliah develops and markets a software solution for managing unstructured information and knowledge, based on highly innovative algorithms to distill intelligence and automatic enrichment of texts through meta-data. Texts, documents and e-mails are automatically analyzed, enriched and classified. This automation is a huge improvement in comparison to competing solutions that require users to 'manually' define keywords. We should never increase a user’s workload; intelligent data management is supposed to take frustrations away, not escalate them.

Our solutions are secure, high-value and cost-effective, and can be installed on-premise or in the cloud. To stay innovative, flexible and agile for its customers, Knowliah continues to invest heavily in R&D and in close collaboration with several internationally renowned universities.

Knowliah has a highly trained, customer-focused and committed staff, and has the support of an important network of international, certified and knowledgeable partners and subcontractors.

We want you to see Knowliah in action, so you can find out what Knowliah can do for your company and workforce.

Find out how we can help your users find what they need and use the knowledge of others without having to recreate it or waste time.

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One of 24 worldwide “Vendors to Watch” in the category Enterprise Search & Analytics

Report “Market Trends: Smart Computing and Analytics Rejuvenate the Enterprise Search Market, 2014-2017“

Tom Eid

One of the 5 representative examples of improved user productivity with Knowledge Management

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Daniel Yuen, Alexander Linden, Hanns Koehler- Kruener