Contract Lifecycle Management

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Facilitate your Contract Lifecycle Management 

Legal professionals are facing different contract lifecycle management challenges, for example: the lack of visibility or overview around contracts, time consuming manual contract processes or inconsistent and slow approval flows. 

How do you optimize the proactive, methodical management of a contract from initiation through award, compliance and renewal? 

There are a lot of CLM software providers on the market, who offer different solutions depending on your current challenges. Did you know that implementing a CLM software can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency?

By automating CLM the legal department can also limit a company's exposure to risk by reducing missed obligations and increasing compliance with legal requirements.

Knowliah, your facilitator for Contract Lifecycle Management

The right CLM software streamlines the contract lifecycle process of your department in a number of ways. Knowliah offers different solutions to optimize and facilitate contract lifecycle management. Discover what Knowliah has in store for you.
Whatever you need as functional modules, theKnowliah platform for Legal Teams is always a required part of your CLM solution. It is the foundation for every intelligent information management solution and contains for example:
  • Search & Find
  • Document Management
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Automatic E-mail Archive
  • Automatic Classification of documents and e-mail
The Knowliah Contract Creation solution  strongly supports your contract template design. Knowliah Author, integrated in Knowliah for Legal Teams and in MS Word, facilitates the creation, versioning and management of contract templates and reporting documents. 
Once templates have been designed, or contract clauses have been defined, they are available for contract creation or generation from different angles by different users. This module links to complementary features such as:
  • initiation of a revision process with versioning and track changes
  • initiation of an internal approval (validation) process
  • e-signing of the final contract by management and by the counterparty

The Contract Lifecycle Management module facilitates the entire management process from contract initiation up to final closure and archiving. This module handles the lifecycle as follows:
  • initiation and creation 
  • revision and negotiation
  • approval and signing
  • application and control
  • closure and archiving
The Legal Services Request Portal facilitates the interaction between the legal team and its business colleagues. As such, it is the ideal solution for providing more legal services to Business with less work for the legal team. This Portal can be integrated into other portals (like MS SharePoint). Its main features include:
  • question/answer ticket system
  • search & find
  • new documents/contracts generation: starting from predefined conditional templates (real smart documents)
  • notifications for interesting legal subjects

Finally, Knowliah provides tools for Reporting Services integrated into the different modules:

  • dashboard with alerts and notifications
  • standard (XLS) reports in the different modules
  • flexible reporting is an upcoming extra module that captures reporting data in a separate database, which will be used in combination with tools for Data Reporting Design and Report Generation

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