The Knowliah Trial

Test the Knowliah application and discover its added value, and how it can support you!

Please follow these steps to obtain your login:

  1. Fill-out the form below and submit your Trial Request
  2. Download the NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) and send a signed copy to
  3. As soon as we receive a signed version of the NDA, a Knowliah Account Manager will contact you to:
    • understand your use case and expectations*
    • define the scope
    • define a testing period
  4. A dedicated Knowliah Advisor will provide you with the formats in which you will need to deliver your content.
  5. You provide your Knowliah Advisor with following information via WeTransfer (,in the requested formats:
    • a set of documents and Emails along with their classification criteria
    • a list of Matters (if applicable)
  6. We will activate and configure your Knowliah application based on the standard configuration
  7. We will inform you when your application will be ready for testing, and send your login to the Knowliah test environment.
  8. All your data will be treated with the highest security standards and deleted after the agreed testing period.

Trial request form

Please take the time to fill in the form as extensive as possible.

Download the NDA and send a signed copy to

Please be aware that Knowliah withholds the right to refuse the granting of a test application. Any deviation of this procedure implies the set-up of a Proof of Concept (POC) and is not free of charge.

Do you want to try our demo first?

Schedule a custom demo. We will show you a customized version of the application, fitted to your specific needs, at your convenience.

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You can also watch our video of the demo for Legal Teams by clicking here.