A new document creation tool for lawyers: Knowliah Author


Your professional life can be very exhausting, but document creation shouldn't be. Bring order & productivity in your document management. 

Discover Knowliah Author, the newest document creation tool for lawyers! 

To facilitate document creation, Knowliah has recently released Knowliah Author: a smart and simple document creation tool. Knowliah Author is fully integrated in Microsoft Word, and thus fully integrated in the familiar working environment of the lawyer. 

What added value does Knowliah Author offer for lawyers?

Knowliah Author fully integrates in the Knowliah Knowledge Base and supports the document management process: going from template design, document creation and generation to revision and archiving. The high degree of flexibility in re-using text blocks is a huge asset.

This user-friendly tool ensures that lawyers can effortless create documents, (re)use clauses, definitions and smart conditions dynamically, as well as different versions and translations of them. You can easily build up a clause library!

The fact that the authoring tool is integrated in Microsoft Word, not web-based and focusses on text rather than fields, offers lawyers:

  1. Ease of work, create and re-use your own text blocks
  2. Way more flexibility in automation
  3. Always keep control 

Questions about Knowliah Author or ready to see this tool in action?

Request a demo for Law Firms, stating that you would like to know more about Knowliah Author. Or if you have any questions, please fill out a contact form and one of our Knowliah superheroes will contact you as soon as possible. 



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