GDPR can be implemented in one month


GDPR? Yes, it can be implemented in one month

Where the traditional approach on implementing GDPR takes at least 6 months to 3 years (before everybody in the organization adapts and comply), with the right approach and smart tools, an organization can implement GDPR in one month.

The simple starting points of the Knowliah approach are summarized in 5 elements:

  • Keep the actual way of working
  • Automate the identification of personal data
  • Automate protection and usage of personal data
  • Facilitate the DPO (or alike profile)
  • Monitor and future-proof your compliance

The smarter, fully automated approach involves:

These 5 elements can be automated and are related to software, whereas the organisation gives guidance whenever human interaction is needed (e.g. the collaboration with the authorities in case of a data breach).

DetectAn automated identification of Data Subjects and related Personal Data in databases, file servers, e-mail server and SharePoint sites
ProcessDecide on what and how to process Personal Data (pseudonymization, or encryption, or aggregation and/or separation in a central vault)
GovernDefine your Governance rules on Personal Data with regards to purpose, security and retention rules
ProtectContinuous detection and processing, applying defined rules and build a Detailed Register per Data Subject while secured Personal Data is used/consulted
AuditHave swift access by the DPO to the internal management of the delivery of Data Subject Rights and the monitoring of the correct application of GDPR.


This 100% automated solution on digital content that can be up and running in 4 weeks (in case of a standard system) to 10 weeks (if more connectors to applications are needed, and more Policy Enforcement Points are implemented).

As a result, you will avoid more than 80% of the manual work that was otherwise required and you significantly reduce your operational compliance risks.

Discover how Knowliah brings GDPR compliancy closer without a huge impact on the organization.

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