GDPR Implementation with Knowliah


The entire General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) revolves around the protection of personal data, how personal data can be used and so forth. The implementation of GDPR can be a cumbersome task. With Knowliah's Intelligent Information Management engines and Smart Search, you can reduce the work involved and benefit from a range of extras.

GDPR: Work involved

Setting up a solution based on the aforementioned modules depends on the scale and specific context of your organization, and the integrations required.
A short pre-analysis is the best approach to define scope, planning, and work involved.

In general, the following tasks are part of the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure):


  • Indicate the required extensions and provide input with regard to:
    • Search & Find with extra internal and external sources
    • Intelligent Information Management for all important information/communication
    • the CIM (Context Information Model)
    • Setting up governance rules for information and knowledge


  • Installs the modules (or activates a secure cloud solution)
  • Activates processing modules as indicated above
  • Configures the CIM (Context Information Model) and defined information governance rules
  • Configures the extra modules based on provided input per module
  • Implements integrations in other applications providing Knowliah features to the overall Digital Workplace
  • Provides training videos for users involved

Optional extra tasks/services include

  • Providing best practices for information governance
  • Providing best practices for knowledge governance
  • Setting up organizational management
  • Providing guidance on communication plans
  • Providing guidance on change and embedding


The Extra Benefits

The business case for internal information management is clear and simple, making your GDPR efforts, with only a little bit of extra effort, part of valuable results, both internally and externally.

Another way of storing, with less effort

The past

The future

Think and re-think about where you store what.

Information is duplicated in multiple locations.

E-mail is locked in personal folders.

Folder structures do not correspond to personal thinking.

Manual attribution of meta data.

Simply drop in Knowliah Desktop or save in the Knowliah Folder.

Manual attribution of meta-data is limited to 0 to 2 elements.

The system auto-classifies on 8 other meta-data elements.

=> storing easily takes 15 to 120 seconds

=> consistent storage takes a maximum of 2 to 15 seconds

=> much better consistent classification, also with regard to  GDPR



Personal benefits as a user

The past


The future

Searching in different sources but not finding

> 50% better finding

Re-inventing the wheel over and over again

> 80% more RE-USE, thus no more re-invention

Folder structures do not correspond to personal thinking

Virtual folders allow for personal preferred presentations

Huge volumes to read, always a backlog

> 50% less reading and still informed

Information needed to make a decision or get insight is missed

Associative linking helps to discover related information

Files in wrong locations mean security breaches

> 50% better security

=> time pressure, stress, errors, forgotten, not being informed


=> freeing up time, less stress, being informed, insights


Benefits as an organization

The past


The future

None or partial compliance

Full compliance

Average customer service

Fast and high-quality customer service

Partial view on customer, case, issue, …

One Single 360° View on customer, case, issue, …

Average productivity of co-workers

Great productivity of co-workers

Risks of knowledge loss

Crucial knowledge is captured

=> average business results


=> increased business results

Want to learn more?

You can find information on the implementation guidelines of the GDPR,  like processing principles, security measures, preparations, operations and much more on our GDPR implementation page.
Do not hesitate to contact us to get answers to your question and see what we can do for you. 


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