How to save up to 93.000 euro per year for your legal department? [ECLA Webinar]


"How to save up to 93.000 euro per year for your legal department?"

A best practice on defining your business case

ECLA WEBINAR - 25/06/2020 (Free registration)

Did you know that legal departments can save over €93,000 per year by introducing the right Enterprise Legal Management solution? During this webinar, you discover the financial return that a legal tech solution can offer you and your team. Two legal digital experts, Hans Van Heghe and Yves Lefere, will point out which factors are crucial in finding the right solution and they will also reveal the financial benefit of it.

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This Webinar was hosted by ECLA​: the European Company Lawyers Association. ECLA is a non-governmental & non-profit organization and serves as the umbrella organization for 19 company lawyers associations in Europe, representing over 42,000 inhouse lawyers from leading corporations across Europe.



Hans Van Heghe                                         Yves Lefere

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