Knowliah becomes partner of Somio


Knowliah is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership with Somio, the specialist solution provider on the digital information market, based in The Hague in The Netherlands.

Somio offers expertise and solutions for structuring unstructured information and content in organisations. In other words, Somio helps organisations with their content governance, with content migration from old to new content and document management systems and with e-discovery of relevant information in existing digital content. Knowliah will contribute substantially to these services and solutions offered by Somio as this collaboration offers Somio access to the unique capabilities of the Knowliah technology, such as its algorithms for auto-classification, text mining and text indexation. By joining forces with Knowliah and its technology, Somio will be able to offer more powerful and unique solutions to organisations that want to migrate their legacy content and add structure and control to their unstructured information.

Our first joint projects have already delivered successful results and we are looking forward to a very promising collaboration.

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