Knowliah breaks through in the legal profession


Knowliah hits the market with a smart, simple and secure Digital Workplace for the corporate in-house legal counsel: Knowliah for Legal Teams.

​This solution seamlessly integrates Matter Management and all related documents, contracts and e-mail into one user-friendly application. Thanks to Knowliah, legal professionals now experience:

  • a boost in their efficiency through integration (and re-use) of existing information and knowledge
  • an increased impact through smart reporting and improved risk management
  • an optimization of their limited resources through better a planning of their budgets, projects and priorities.

In partnership with FrahanBlondé, we recently organized 3 seminars at Living Tomorrow, which were attended by over 150 enthusiastic legal counsel. Several of them have already acquired the solution and now enjoy Knowliah's new digital user experience based on the integration of our intelligent search, e-mail & document management, matter management, reporting, contract management, litigation management, knowledge management and entity management.

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