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The entire General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) revolves around the protection of personal data, how personal data can be used and so forth. The implementation of GDPR can be a cumbersome task. With Knowliah's Intelligent Information Management engines and Smart Search, you can leverage your GDPR efforts.

Product overview

Search & Find

Your co-workers are losing on average 1.5 hours/day/person when searching for information and being unable to find what they are looking for. The Knowliah search & find technology solution can be used to tackle this poblem: our system offers everything a user needs to FIND, powered by cognitive auto-classification.

Information governance

Knowliah’s Intelligent Repository offering auto-classification for your context and storage of important documents and e-mails provides full governance for all or only important information and knowledge.

Our platform provides company-wide support for your overall information management – not just GDPR-related information:

Easy storage

drag-&-drop with conditional validation of auto-classification results.

E-mail archiving

selective automated capturing of e-mail messages and their attachments (optional split),powered with auto-classification.

JERI dashboard

The central point of entry for each user of the Knowliah platform,
offering personalised Just Enough Relevant Information when and where you need it, based on a collection of configurable (by administrator) widgets.

Information browsing

based on patented Virtual Folders, powered by the auto-classification and intelligence engines.

Details and actions viewing

Knowliah objects are visualized through a preview and a set of extra details (properties, related document, comments, …) and actions (edit, add comment, add rating, …).

Grouped handling of information

module allowing for items to be added to the Basket (from Browse, Search & Find or Data) with standard group actions such as property change, export, deletion, … as well as optional group actions such as push to external user, publish in single PDF, …

DMS features

additional features for DMS configuration: versioning, log-&-audit trail and document comparison.

Handling processes

workflow engine offering 4 types of processes: revision process, approval process, workflow process for a document or e-mail, and advanced case workflow for a case (data form).

BI & Analytics

module offering text-analytics features with integrated Virtual Folders and graphical presentations.

Crucial knowledge capture

question/problem-driven knowledge securing module. Knowliah identifies the most relevant expert(s) and starts a structured conversation to capture knowledge.

Authoring & re-use in MS Word

module integrated in MS Word (fat client) allowing for easy storage of blocks of texts, re-use, translation and version management on a block level, use of data fields and conditions, … Suited for complex document generation.

Data forms

generic module for storing and handling data forms with structured data in the Knowliah object store as XML containers.

Want to learn more?

You can find information on the implementation guidelines of the GDPR, like processing principles, security measures, preparations, operations and much more on our GDPR implementation page.
Do not hesitate to contact us to get answers to your question and see what we can do for you. 


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