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Utilising legal technology in corporate legal departments has been on an increasing trend for the last two decades. With the goal to increase departmental efficiency, legal departments of all shapes and sizes are considering improving or outright replacing certain parts and processes of their work. However, not all solutions are equal, nor are they suitable for all legal departments. This is why ample research is needed internally, before a decision should be made.

allnex, a global company in the chemical sector, has decided to implement a matter and document management solution provided by Knowliah, a modular platform that has been operating in the sector for over two decades. Andreas Mestel, General Counsel EMEA of allnex has been kind enough to sit down and share their experience with implementing a legal technology solution in such a global operation. 

Andreas Mestel provides in this use case of Knowliah relevant insights in:

  • how allnex' day-to-day processes used to be managed at the legal department before implementing a legal tech solution
  • what prompted allnex to search for alternative solutions 
  • what the key elements were looking for in a legal tech solution
  • how the transition process went to integrate Knowliah’s platform to their workstream
  • what has changed in their legal department what the corporate lawyers think about their new workstream
  • what the unexpected benefits have been that the new workstream has provided
  • what type of legal departments Andreas would recommend Knowliah’s platform to
  • what are the key processes today, where Andreas sees that legal technology is essential for an efficient legal

Andreas explains everything in our latest use case (whitepaper). Discover the unexpected benefits and to which type of legal departments Andreas will recommend Knowliah.

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What convinced Andreas to choose Knowliah out of all the options? 

Knowliah’s solution satisfied our primary requirements. The deciding factor however was the efficiency of the software. We were particularly impressed by the possibility to automatically archive directly out of Outlook, which reduced administrative efforts to a minimum. Our decision was bolstered by the search capability in the solution, enabling our counsel to do full text searches in text files and even PDF documents. This already enabled us to limit the time spent on basic tasks significantly, making content management function effortlessly and usable in our day-to-day tasks within the legal department. 

Other functions to note include the reporting tool, which allows us to run various reports in a flexible manner, enabling us to streamline them to our work processes easily. In addition, the modularity of Knowliah’s product line gives us the opportunity to expand considerably if necessary, further integrating contract drafting solutions, approval management, and e-signature.

Curious about how the transition process went? And which changes legal tech brought into the legal department?

Andreas explains everything in our latest use case. Discover the unexpected benefits and to which type of legal departments Andreas will recommend Knowliah. Request the use case below!

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