New partners join our Partner Ecosystem


We have recently welcomed a few new partner companies that are excited and motivated to help their and our customers create unique value with Knowliah. Each partner brings expertise and new creative applications to the table to help organisations manage and use their unstructured information and knowledge better and to the benefit of their business.

We are especially happy that the following partners have chosen to implement and integrate Knowliah for their customers:

  • Exquando is specialized in the provision of services and advice in the field of document management.
  • TCR Square helps organisations to define their most optimal e-mail archiving and content management.
  • Bizzomate is the leading partner of Mendix and builds unique case management applications by seamlessly integrating Mendix with Knowliah.

Partners add expertise, resources and creativity to Knowliah customers. We invite you to visit our Partners page and learn more...

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