Silver Sponsor at Legal Revolution 2017 Frankfurt


Silver Sponsor at Legal Revolution 2017 Frankfurt

Knowliah will be Silver Sponsor at Legal Revolution 2017 Frankfurt. This major European event is aimed at the legal professional interested in what is happening in today's legal profession, which is changing rapidly with new disruptive technologies and business models. Over 500 professionals will attend this premier legal tech event in Europe that addresses the digital transformation of the field of law and connects law firms, legal departments, legal tech companies, scientists, and policymakers.

You can visit us at the Knowliah booth and experience Knowliah for Legal Teams, the new digital workplace for the legal professional. Knowliah for Legal Teams is a unique and very powerful application that combines and fully integrates document, e-mail and contract management, with a powerful search engine with full text indexation and automatic classification of all your information. Knowliah not only indexes your contract repository, but also your file server, e-mail server or SharePoint Portal holding important information for your job. With Knowliah for Legal Teams, you find all your relevant information, knowledge, e-mail and contracts in one web page in just one click.

At the conference, we will present our new 4.2 version with improved Matter and Entity Management and new integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and SharePoint. You can find out more about the event at

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