The Complete Contract Chain: from compliance review to lifecycle management [ECLA Webinar]


“The Complete Contract Chain: from compliance review to lifecycle management”

ECLA WEBINAR - 17/09/2020 (11:00-12:00 CET)

How can you improve the business' contract chain? This hands-on webinar will take you through the process on how to build the most effective contract chain for your department, or the company in general. From contract creation or compliance review of counterparties to contract lifecycle management: you will gain interesting insights about each phase of the contract chain. The speakers are two digital experts, Hans Van Heghe and Yves Lefere. They will also reveal how the right legal tech solution can help you and your team with contract lifecycle management. 

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This Webinar is hosted by ECLA​: the European Company Lawyers Association. ECLA is a non-governmental & non-profit organization and serves as the umbrella organization for 19 company lawyers associations in Europe, representing over 42,000 inhouse lawyers from leading corporations across Europe.



Hans Van Heghe                                         Yves Lefere

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