Knowliah awarded "Best Legal Tech Company"!


Knowliah is proud to announce that it has received an Award by Trends Legal Awards in Brussels as the
Best Legal Tech Company for 2018 !

This is a tremendous recognition of the innovation and user-friendliness that users of Knowliah for Legal Teams experience.

We thank all our Customers for making this exciting journey with us!

Herewith you can find the final motivation of the Jury for awarding Knowliah:

  • Knowliah has an impressive track record in the Belgian market.
  • The developed products by Knowliah are operational and commercialized.
  • The Knowliah solutions are already used by numerous Belgian and international customers.
  • Knowliah develops new solutions including the latest technologies in legal tech.

We pride ourselves in providing smart software solutions to the legal industry, based on cutting-edge technology and excellent services to all our customers, and are particularly pleased when our efforts are recognized and rewarded.

For the 13th time, Trends organized Trends Legal Awards 2018, on Novermber 13th for law firms that excel by their expertise, know-how, and innovation in one of the jurisdictions. In addition, the best corporate legal department and the most promising legal tech company was also awarded.

The Digitization of the Legal Department

Just as our entire social life is unstoppably and irreversibly digitizing, so is the corporate lawyer confronted today with an increasingly digitizing business world. The legal department becomes a driver in the business, and therefore needs to collaborate in a much more efficient way, and to be able to report on its activities, and contract risks. Chaotic folder structures, individual mailboxes, and paper binders simply won’t do the trick anymore!

To help you get started, we wrote a whitepaper, where we discuss the importance of digitalization to guarantee success, by avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls, and 4 tips for a successful digitalization process. Finally, we will explain to you how Knowliah supports the corporate legal department!

Download Whitepaper

Knowliah for Legal Teams

Knowliah is a modular platform combining the 3 solutions legal counsels are looking for, in 1 user friendly application:

Store documents and e-mails in as little as 2 to 15 seconds and then let our automated contextualization engine work in the background so the information can later be found when needed, and excluded when not required.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a Custom Demo. We will show you a custom version of the application, fitted to your specific legal needs, at your convenience.

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If you are attending the Trends Legal Awards, drop by our booth during the reception and we will show you how Knowliah can support your firm or corporate legal team.

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