Legal Case Management

Automatically keep track of new information or edits related to a case. Spend less time on administrative tasks. End time-consuming searches to get the latest documents or e-mails. Collaborate easily and securely share files.

With Knowliah, you can see the big picture and all the details of a legal case when needed.

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Knowliah is a modular platform combining the 3 solutions legal teams are looking for, in 1 user friendly application.  

  • Case Management
  • Document/Email Management
  • Knowledge Management/Search

Automatically keep track of legal case developments. Securely store documents and e-mails in as little as 2 to 15 seconds and then let our automated contextualization engine work in the background so the information can later be found when needed, and excluded when not required.

The Big Benefits for legal case management

  • Get a 360° view on a case/client/issue with all and only relevant information.
  • Keep track of case updates, automatically.
  • Avoid use of wrong versions of a document or users continuing to work on an already obsolete version.
  • Stop recreating text and advice that has already been written by someone else before.


  • Access (case related) documents internally and externally, from different locations, in a fully secured way.
  • Never lose an e-mail again.
  • Ensure compliance with laws such as SOW, GDPR, privacy, etc.
  • Collaborate better as a team, securely.
  • Use up-to-date information throughout the entire life-cycle of a case or contract.

Obtain an instant 360° view on your legal matter, project, case, customer or file, just like you would in a paper file.

Organizations often assemble numerous Excel sheets or use rigid database applications or even paper files to register structured data for matters, projects, cases, customers or files of any other context. Related documents and e-mails are never properly linked, and searching and finding information is difficult.

Knowliah Data sheets, which are fully integrated into the Knowliah Repository, can easily replace those complex Excel sheets or useless database applications. The structured data fields, pre-defined or to be configured, contain the key data of each matter or project, with all related documents, e-mails, etc. automatically attached.

Thanks to Knowliah, users do not have to upload legal documents or e-mail in a matter. Once the meta-data on the document or e-mail are set (by drag-&-drop or automatic upload),it is immediately and virtually connected with its matter as a related document. This is a huge time-saver for every user.

Knowliah gives you the digital version of your scattered digital information or paper file, properly centralized in the Knowliah Intelligent Repository, including all relevant and related information like documents and e-mail:

  • All relevant legal data are captured in one structured overview
  • All related legal e-mails from MS Outlook or Gmail for Business are automatically linked to and presented in the matter, project, case, customer, file, …
  • All related legal documents are automatically centralized and presented in the right matter, project, case, customer, file, …
  • If needed, time can be registered and costs managed
  • Detailed reporting with exports to Excel is available
  • Full-text search across registered fields, information, documents and e-mails (including their attachments) is provided
  • And so much more...

Want to learn more?

Schedule a custom demo. We will show you a customized version of the application, fitted to your specific needs, at your convenience.

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