The Knowliah platform, installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, comes with a repository that can contain and archive documents, e-mail and datasheets of all types.

How does information get into the Intelligent Repository?

  • Documents and e-mail can easily be drag-&-dropped or uploaded, after which the Knowliah engines apply full-text indexation, de-duplication and auto-classification.
  • E-mails can also be automatically uploaded directly from your e-mail server (Microsoft Exchange/Office365 and Gmail)
  • Other automatic upload mechanisms include hotfolders with optional OCR, and the Knowliah Web API.

Once in the Knowliah Intelligent Repository

The Knowliah Intelligent Repository offers a range of cognitive user features, ranging from powerful and intelligent full-text and advanced search features, to automatic notifications, virtual browsing, and much more.

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