Knowliah's unique power and sweet spot lies in its auto-classification algorithm

Knowliah automatically extracts meta-data from the content of any text object (document, e-mail, ...),for all information indexed by Knowliah, inside and/or outside of the Intelligent Repository.

Users do not have the discipline nor the time to manually classify every document and e-mail correctly, consistently and logically by adding meta-data or keywords for example. Knowliah does it for them, and offers them the option to validate the automatically attributed meta-data.

The meta-data are based on pre-defined and fine-tuned context models. Examples of classification models of meta-data include:

  • Corporate legal department
  • Law firm
  • GDPR-sensitive information (Personal Data)
  • Knowledge base
  • Generic information management

To automatically generate the relevant meta-data, Knowliah uses cutting-edge technologies such as Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI),Natural Language Processing (NLP),Neural Networks and specific Text Analytics.

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