Search & Discovery

Searching but not finding can get really frustrating

Not finding the right or relevant information, too many results, realizing that you will have to recreate something you know already exists …

Knowliah enables you to full-text search through any type of document or email (including attachments).
This resides in a Knowliah Intelligent Repository or any other relevant source in your information eco-system, which is indexed by Knowliah.
Standard connectors are available for MS SharePoint sites, Fileservers, MS Exchange, Office365, Google Mail for Business.

Besides the full text search, Knowliah offers several exciting features to obtain the desired search result within a few clicks:

  • Filtering on relevancy percentage, ratings, period, size
  • Filtering on technical properties such as author, extension type, versions, …
  • Filtering on functional properties (automatically added on all document types through the intelligent Knowliah auto-classification engine) such as information type, department, matter/file, project, customer, employee, country, entity, …
  • Smart discovery

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