Web Service Architecture

Knowliah is based on a Web Service Architecture.

This allows customers, partners or Knowliah engineers to connect and integrate other applications and platforms seemingly with the functionalities available in Knowliah through the Knowliah Web API.

This openess offers a tremendous opportunity to enrich existing applications with the unique features of Knowliah and to create a new very powerful and exciting experience for the users.

The Knowliah Web API is a versatile and flexible tool and is based on REST and the input and output formats can be JSON or XML. All very standard and completely documented in Swagger.

The areas of application for the Knowliah Web API are limitless. Examples of what customers and partners already have built with the Web API:

- Extend applications for business process management (BPM),or CRM, or ERP, or specific applications with the power of the Knowliah Intelligent Repository so that your application can benefit from auto-classification, search in external information sources, context defined searches for related information, etc.

- Extend existing document management systems with the unique features of Knowliah like auto-classification, metadata generation and enrichment.

Contact us to learn more about this powerful technology and if you are a partner contact us so that we can see how we can extend your soutions with our unique capabilities.




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