Save over €100,000 per year by introducing the right digital solution for Law Firms

Save over €100,000 per year by introducing the right digital solution for Law Firms

Law firms must look for tools to manage the ever-increasing mass of digital information and need to use it efficiently. At the same time, law firms need to improve the speed of delivering services to the customer, while adapting to data-driven business models.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a massive supply of Legal Tech ready to be implemented. Many of these solutions are based on advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence. This all sounds interesting, right? However, we also know that it takes some time and effort to find a solid legal tech tool that suits your law firm. 

Have you ever considered the financial return that the use of a legal tech tool can offer you? Here's a quick overview...

Reduce current inefficiencies within your law firm by 25% to 50% 

Time is money. And at most law firms, there is usually more work than time. Administrative duties pull lawyers away from profitable work, thus dragging down a firm’s efficiency and putting its overall viability at risk.
Without the right digital efficiency solution for Law Firms, a team of 10 lawyers will face each week an efficiency loss of (°):

  • 75 hours of searching and not finding
  • 75 hours of re-inventing previous answers and advice
  • at least 30 hours of missed potential invoicing.

The right digital solution for Law Firms can easily reduce these inefficiencies by 25% to 50% and more.

(°) based on research by Delphi Consult,, Gartner, Forrester Research,

Choose the right way-of-working for your law firm

Depending on the various tasks within your role as a lawyer, you expect specific benefits and features when integrating a digital solution for Law Firms. There are different approaches, each with their own characteristics. We have listed them for you: 

Your all-in-one digital solution? Knowliah for Law Firms 

Are you looking for a legal tech tool that includes all the benefits and features that you have in mind? It may almost sound too good to be true, but let us introduce you to Knowliah for Law Firms: a smart, simple and secure solution. 

Knowliah for Law Firms offers you an effortless, fast and secure experience in classification, search and re-use of information. This AI-based platform smoothly integrates into your way-of-working. Especially in the following domains, Knowliah for Law Firms offers a significant added value: 

  • Enterprise Search 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • E-mail auto-archiving 
  • Document Creation and Generation 

An average profit of at least €100,000 per year

By implementing and using Knowliah for Law Firms, you could save an average of €100,000 per year by eliminating useless, time-consuming tasks. Money that can then be better spent! 

Keep in mind that our calculations are based on a group of 10 lawyers at an average cost of €684 per day. In a team of 10 lawyers, you can easily gain €240,000 per year. Even if we take a more conservative look at figures, spending and costs. For example, even when supposing: 

  • an extra risk related to costs, resulting in 100% more costs (due to increasing volumes)
  • an extra risk related to savings, resulting in 50% of the savings,

you are still able to save €100,000 per year with Knowliah for Law Firms. 

Did you know that for every month of waiting to start with the right legal tech solution, you are missing an opportunity to save €8,467?

For an entire year, this means a significant additional average profit of €100,000 to €240,000 and more. 
Today, there are no law firms using another legal tech provider than Knowliah, where the legal tech tool involves such a beneficial ROI. 

Does your law firm also want to profit from a saving of at least €100,000 per year? Contact us now for a demo to learn how.

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