Smart, Simple, Secure

Boost your efficiency, increase the impact on your organization and take control of what is important.

With the Smart, Simple and Secure Knowliah Solutions you will enable your teams to actually gain time in the classification of and search for information, while reducing risks on knowledge loss.


In order to improve the user experience and make users and organizations smarter and more efficient, Knowliah continuously invests in the R&D of cutting-edge technologies such as Coginitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI),Natuaral Language Processing (NLP),Neural Networks and specifc Text Analytics.

These technologies are fully integrated in the Knowliah Platform enabling organizations to truly benefit form the digitalization of their activities.


Knowliah supports its users by offering them the highest levels of simplicity in storing and archiving documents, email and files, and capturing knowledge on the one side, and instantly finding them when searching, browsing or consulting the dynamic 360° views on any context.

Since Knowliah is a meta-data driven solution, automatically adding the meta-data, taking away the huge burden of having add them manually, drag and dropping or tagging information becomes very simple, in Knowliah or even in your existing applications such as your mail servers, network drives or other document libraries.


The Knowliah Platform, wheather installed on premise or hosted in the cloud, stores, processes and manages your information with the highest industry standards when it comes to security. The tag based security offers high levels of flexibility in managing access rights.

The platform is GDPR compliant and offers your organization the possibility to become GDPR compliant thanks to the automatic detection and processing of information containing data subjects and related sensitive personal data. 

Customized solutions for your information storage.

Our Intelligent Search and Secure Content Management engines will present the right people only what they were looking for.
Just enough relevant information, when and where needed.

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