Case Management

See the big picture and all the details of a case when needed. End time-consuming searches to get the latest documents or e-mails. Collaborate easily and securely share files.

Knowliah is a modular platform combining the 3 solutions legal teams are looking for, in 1 user friendly application.  

  • Case Management
  • Document/Email Management
  • Knowledge Management/Search

Automatically keep track of case developments. Securely store documents and e-mails in as little as 2 to 15 seconds and then let our automated contextualization engine work in the background so the information can later be found when needed, and excluded when not required.


The Big Benefits

  • Get a 360° view on a case/client/issue with all and only relevant information.
  • Keep track of case updates, automatically.
  • Avoid use of wrong versions of a document or users continuing to work on an already obsolete version.
  • Stop recreating text and advice that has already been written by someone else before.


  • Access (case related) documents internally and externally, from different locations, in a fully secured way.
  • Never lose an e-mail again.
  • Ensure compliance with laws such as SOW, GDPR, privacy, etc.
  • Collaborate better as a team, securely.
  • Use up-to-date information throughout the entire life-cycle of a case or contract.

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The real challenge nowadays is that everyone seems to store and save documents and e-mails in different folders, on a USB stick or even on unsecured file sharing sites, making them less discoverable in the future. This means some case developments get lost in the process. Documents get duplicated and nobody knows what the most recent version of the file is. Old e-mails and documents from ex-employees seem to have vanished. Information that was accidentally deleted gets lost. Internal search engines that are not so smart come up with no or too many results.

This, evidently, leads to chaos. Especially when more than one person is working on the same case.

We probably don’t need to explain how costly and frustrating this can be when it comes to case management, where every word and document-update really count. 

Knowliah’s technology automates and adds intelligence to the storage of your documents and e-mail, thereby making it significantly easier to find the most relevant information related to a case quickly, even in a pool of unmanaged chaotic information. Especially when multiple people from different locations are working on the same case.

How can your Case Management be more effective?

We make it easier to track and find all relevant information related to a case, including edits, e-mails and other information.

During storage, and in the background, our system automatically adds intelligence to your information. In short, our automated contextualization process adds intelligent meta-information (context) to the unstructured information (content).

This means our system automatically knows what type of file it is (is it an e-mail, an invoice, a contract, a procedure, a complaint, correspondence, a certificate, a license...?) and adds a whole range of other information like the target audience, expiry date of the document, case number, what procedure the document is related to, what action of the client is described in the document or e-mail, what lawyers or legal teams this information is useful to and more. All of this happens in the background, with zero effort from the user.

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