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Your corporate information and expertise is scattered around your organisation, and you can’t access or re-use it?

Knowliah delivers just enough relevant information, when and where needed.

Knowledge and expertise are core assets of any organisation and part of the organisation's competitive advantage. But not when the information is inaccessible or incomplete, or when searches return too many results. This will slow down collaboration, users will start re-inventing the wheel and re-create information that already sat somewhere on your file servers, intranet or other enterprise applications. Knowliah puts an end to this so you can accurately reach what and whom you need.

The Big Benefits

  • Reach experts and their automatically captured knowledge for a competitive advantage.
  • Streamline collaboration between multiple people or large teams, remove bottlenecks and ensure that everyone is always working on the right version of a document.
  • Make users more efficient by helping them access all knowledge and finding relevant answers, while removing the noise and clutter of irrelevant information.
  • Discover, analyze and re-use information faster, based on a user’s specific context.
  • Instantly find information, regardless of where in the world it is stored.
  • Access documents internally and externally, from different locations, in a fully secured way.
  • Virtually browse through cross-organisational information.
  • Get a 360° view on a customer, case or issue, with all relevant information.
  • Find experts who can help via automatic expert profiling.
  • Respect secure access rights thanks to contextual security.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems. 

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The real challenge nowadays is that everyone seems to store and save documents and e-mails in different folders, on a USB stick or even on unsecured file sharing sites, making them less discoverable in the future. Even the intranet or file servers of a larger enterprise will become so sluggish and scattered that some critical information will be hard to find. Documents get duplicated and nobody knows what the most recent version of the file is. Old e-mails and documents from ex-employees seem to have vanished. Information that was accidentally deleted gets lost. Internal search engines, that are not so smart, come up with no or too many results.

This, evidently, leads to chaos. Especially in a larger enterprise environment.

Consequently, at lot of information that already exists needs to be recreated over and over again. Or employees are working on a document that no longer is the most recent version, resulting in errors and unhappy clients.

We probably don’t need to explain how costly and frustrating this can be. Harvard Business Review recently cited a study about collaboration between multiple people, proving that when certain people are forced to become information sources (for example because the way the company handles data is insufficient or too disorganised and a few key people need to continuously step in as “guides”),these very people become disengaged, burnt out and go from key players to bottlenecks that slow down important projects.(1)

(1) *Harvard Business Review, “Collaborative Overload” (January-February 2016) and “Employee Burnout Is a Problem with the Company, Not the Person” (April 2017)

Knowliah’s technology automates and adds intelligence to the storage of your documents and e-mail, making it significantly easier to find the most relevant information quickly, even in a pool of unmanaged chaotic information.

Just Enough Relevant Information, when and where needed.

With everything stored in an intelligent way, users can search, browse or even automatically be presented with the information and documents that are relevant to them specifically.

What a user can and is allowed to see is entirely in accordance with the established security rules and access rights. A log and audit trial is also kept for security purposes. 

The Magic in the Knowliah Digital Work Place?

The biggest challenge for enterprises is that one-man armies are non-existent. Every project will be driven forward by a collaboration of multiple people that may not always work in the same location or country. In an effort to reduce time spent in unproductive meetings and remove bottlenecks, it will be critical that every member of the team finds what he is looking for.

During storage of your data, regardless of the storage location and in the background, our system automatically adds intelligence to all information.

This means our system automatically knows what type of file it is (is it an invoice, a website, a contract, a procedure, a complaint, correspondence, a certificate, a license...?) and adds a whole range of other information like the target audience, expiry date of the document, case number, what procedure the document is related to, what action of the customer is described in the document or e-mail, what teams or departments this information is useful to and more.
All of this happens in the background, with zero effort from the user.

Consequently, users can feel confident that they are working with the right intel or can quickly reach experts and their automatically captured knowledge.

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