Your company is losing precious hours and days, manually detecting where GDPR sensitive information is stored, through very expensive and time-consuming consultancy services

Knowliah saves over 80% of manual work and reduces your operational compliance risks.

Set-up a 100% automated solution for digital content that can be up and running in 3 weeks (in case of a standard system) to 10 weeks (if more connectors to applications are needed, and more Policy Enforcement Points are implemented).

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The real challenge for organisations is to be fully compliant with the new regulation “on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of Personal Data and on the free movement of such data”, by 25 May 2018. The GDPR obligation on Personal Data refers to 3 main elements:

  • To respect the rights of the people concerned: access, correction and deletion rights.
  • To protect the Personal Data against loss, theft or accidental and voluntary misuse.
  • To proof your compliance related to consent and purpose justification.

Since nobody knows where GDPR sensitive data (Personal Data) is stored, companies turn to excessive assessments, adaptations to software systems, manual identification of Data Subjects and Personal Data, building a Register, extensive programmes on change management related to internal procedures, … in order to become compliant with the GDPR.

This, evidently, leads to very time consuming and expensive processes.

Furthermore, this approach is static and doesn’t offer an operational solution to stay compliant to the GDPR.
We probably don’t need to explain how costly and frustrating this can be. 

Knowliah’s technology automatically detects Data Subjects and related Personal Data in databases, file servers and e-mail servers, by means of standard and custom connectors for each information object (document, e-mail, record),after which it is able to process, govern, protect and audit where necessary.

The Magic in the Knowliah Digital Work Place?

During storage, and in the background, our system automatically adds intelligence to your information. In short our automated contextualization process adds intelligent meta-information (context) to the unstructured information (content).

This means our system automatically knows what type of file it is (is it an invoice, a contract, a procedure, a complaint, correspondence, a certificate, a license?) and adds a whole range of other information like the target audience, expiration date of the document, case number, what procedure the document is related to, what action of the customer is described in the document or e-mail, what teams or departments this information is useful to and more.
All of this happens in the background, with zero effort from the user. It is thanks to this intelligent system that Knowliah automatically knows which data has an impact on GDPR compliancy and how to process it to remain compliant. 

Extend Knowliah for GDPR to address all your internal documents, files and e-mail.

With everything stored in an intelligent way, users can search, browse or even automatically be presented with the information and documents that are relevant to them specifically.

What a user can and is allowed to see is entirely in accordance with the established security rules and access rights. A log and audit trial is also kept for security purposes.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a Custom Demo. We will show you a customized version of the application, at your convenience.

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