Knowledge Management

Is crucial knowledge secretly vanishing in your company?

The typical person is consuming 174 newspapers worth of information, every single day, according to scientific research that was published in Science.

Employees are overwhelmed with piles and piles of e-mails and information, making it very hard to make decisions or to get work done effectively. Moreover, according to research done by IDC, a market intelligence and advisory firm, $31.5 billion per year is lost by failing to share Knowledge.

On the other hand, when knowledge management is automated, knowledge can be captured, retrieved and shared efficiently. Furthermore, knowledge isn’t lost when someone leaves the company, newcomers are onboarded effectively and efficiently, employees can quickly find answers without having to recreate content that already existed. Decisions are made easily because the knowledge is available and retrievable, even when working in large teams spread over multiple locations.


Using Knowliah means

  • Crucial knowledge stops secretly vanishing
  • Employees are less overwhelmed by an abundance of knowledge and information
  • Users can retrieve all knowledge securely, can find relevant answers and no longer waste time searching
  • Knowledge-loss is avoided when someone leaves the company
  • Newcomers are integrated faster and more efficiently 
  • The knowledge of (external) experts is automatically captured so it becomes an asset that can be reused in the future
  • People can see the wood for the trees and see the bigger picture
  • Better understand your market with automated monitoring and alerts of contextual information for websites and social media
  • Find instantly when searching for information thanks to meta filters and browsing in virtual folders
  • Receive alerts for the areas and domains with potential risks for your operations and business

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The real challenge nowadays is not seeing the wood for the trees, because there is so much information and knowledge everywhere. Moreover, when knowledge is not automatically and effortlessly captured, consider large parts of it lost and unusable. Every single minute, some of your employees are wondering: “what information is vital for the project I work on? What information can I reuse because someone already wrote it before? What insights from an expert that once worked for the company can I reuse for this particular challenge? Am I fully up to speed with everything? What if an e-mail or other information was accidentally deleted, can I still find it?”

We can make endeavors like these overwhelming or easy depending on how we choose to manage the combined knowledge in the company. Is what you need easy to find? Is knowledge automatically stored, secured, retrievable and easily searchable?

Knowliah, knowledge management software, works in the background. It automatically and securely captures, stores and indexes all knowledge and data. Users can quickly find the information and knowledge they are looking for and are not overwhelmed with data they do not need.

Compared to other solutions, Knowliah offers more supporting features and automated intelligence, which results in increased knowledge capture and re-use of that knowledge. The time that will be saved results in less frustration and a decrease in cost. 


Knowliah’s technology automates and adds intelligence to the storage of your knowledge and expertise, making it significantly easier to find the most relevant information quickly, even in a pool of unmanaged chaotic information.

The Magic in the Knowliah Digital Work Place?

During storage, and in the background, our system automatically adds intelligence to your information. In short our automated contextualization process adds intelligent meta-information (context) to the unstructured information (content).

All of this happens in the background, with zero effort from the user.

Just Enough Relevant Information, when and where needed.

With everything stored in an intelligent way, users can search, browse or even automatically be presented with the information and documents that are relevant to them specifically.

What a user can and is allowed to see is entirely in accordance with the established security rules and access rights. A log and audit trial is also kept for security purposes.

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