Reduce your time and resources spent on classifying, (re-)creating,
reading and searching for documents, e-mail and other crucial information!
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Automatic Classification & Text Analytics
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As classifying information is cumbersome, employees easily spend 2 to 3 hours per day searching for information and e-mail, but not finding it, and therefore re-inventing the wheel over and over, thereby impacting service levels and your competitive advantage.
Traditional EIM (Enterprise Information Management), ECM (Enterprise Content Management), DMS (Document Management System) and Enterprise Search systems are often a burden for the end-users when it comes to classifying or searching for information.
Knowliah automatically makes content smart and turns it into re-usable assets, information and knowledge.
The digital information user gets a whole new user experience!
Simple and smart storage with automatic classification of documents of any type and e-mail, on-premise or in the cloud
Always find fast only relevant and reliable information and expertise, regardless of storage location, when and where needed, to maximize re-use.
No more hassle with folders, instead present information and communication in virtual and dynamic views, based on what it is, not where it is.
Read and digest less information, while still being automatically and contextually informed, and thus becoming smarter.
Generate a cross-organisational 360° view on all relevant information, related to the specific context you are working on, from any application.
Enhanced information protection with security based on content, not location.
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